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What The Bleep Do We Know 1080p Hdtv ((NEW))

Considering I'm having the same issue with a 1080p TV, I dont think the resolution is the problem. Its something with the signal/refresh rate I think. Problem is I don't know if this is a driver specific issue or a hardware defect. It has to be software related I think.

what the bleep do we know 1080p hdtv

I have a 55" 3D tv "dont know if its related to 3D, do you have a 3D tv? Maybe 3d tv gives us this issue" and not only the split screen issue VSR dont even work, i get no more option than the native 1920x1080. Then i put the hdmi cable into my other sony tv native 1360x768 and i get fullscreen no issues at all. Even VSR works on it! This makes me wonder if its related to native 1080p resolution? I really strongly belive this is related to 1080p native displays/tv. if its 1080p native then you get issues. Do you get fullscreen when you use native 4k resolution on your 4k display? Do you see VSR working on your 4k? Can you also try to see if VSR is working on your other display that does not work by going into resolution in windows and see if you can change from 1080p to higher?

I'll tell you why i think its doing this. 2 amazing things happened because of this. 1 i have full-screen 1080p and the other mind-blowing change is that now everything is 100% quicker when alt-tab from a game, it does it in a split second!!!! and the response on the mouse is mind blowing!!!!! Even with vsync it's amazing!!! i think disable wmi polling has done something amazing that i think so many people don't know about and will because of this info go crazy on this software and buy it! This is the most amazing thing that happened to me in gaming ever! The response on the mouse is making me believe i am dreaming! I just cannot believe it. Now the aiming in red dead redemption 2 is amazing, i can now finally aim!! So my theory why the screen splits on some TVs, is that when you don't have this amazing effect of wmi disable polling it takes time for the screen to update information to the GPU with black screen when you alt tab or change resolution,that results in some kind of de-sync, i don't know exactly, but I'm almost positive the split second alt-tab and overall response is enabling it to work because now there is no delay. You guys have to try this, and even people without split screen issue MUST do this trick to get the most amazing response time ever! Please test this out and confirm without doing the installation of drivers like i did, stick to your current drivers and try the trick with fusion first!! If this works for you too, we need to get the word out about this trick! I still feel like i am dreaming because of the overall response with mouse and-tab out of games.

Yeah i can confirm its not related to 1080p monitors! i have a old full hd 1080p TV and its working perfectly! Its because of 3D TVs i am almost 100%. Maybe something that can be fixed through software drivers, or its something else going on with the signal because of 3D TV even if 3D is not enabled. When i have it connected to my 3D TV i get a option in windows where you change resolution it says 3D and you can flick it to ON or OFF, when i do that i get full screen but its on 30 hz or 50 hz and it looks like **bleep** because 3D is on! So AMD is sensing the 3D tv and giving you the option in windows, i do not get that option with nvidia card and i have zero issue with nvidiacard with that TV. So there must be something going on with the signal from the card to 3D TV. Some kind of bug or something. We need to tell AMD about the 3D TVs, that it might be related to that.

Having no prior knowledge about the "what the bleep" series, I picked up this film with the following two assumptions:1) It is an in-depth exposition of quantum mechanic principles and how it relates to everyday life.2) It is *not* an attempt of some obscure occult movement trying to link the "spiritual" and the "physical" worlds.The first 30 minutes or so was a barrage of ideas that may or may not have to do with quantum physics or to each other. Then it got a little more weird ... when they talked about how meditation could influence electronics and crystal growth, and how basketballs can be at one place and everywhere (may work as an example, but not in reality). I started skipping sections after sitting for about an hour. When I heard something about some Atlantic warrior God ... okay, that's too much ... I wonder if the meditation is doing something to my DVD player.I really wonder how they get a line-up of all these doctors and professors. (Okay, one was a priest-turned-physicist, and a couple of them got their degrees at on-line universities). I can only imagine that, the physicists and doctors, at least those who were reputable, were somewhat deceived when they signed in for the interviews.In the end, I felt cheated, to see that, this is nothing more than a propaganda for some new-age occult religious movement, based totally on misrepresented scientific principles. I wish they were a little more up front about their film, or at least put a disclaimer on it, to let the viewers be aware its purpose.In my opinion, the whole film was meant to confuse the viewer with sound bites from all the interviews, while a "message" slowly builds up with the Amanda plot line. The leaders of the cult probably assume that they fan easily manipulate the viewers' intelligence the way they do to their own followers. Sorry, I am not a physicist, but I know enough to say that it is all rubbish.Out of ignorance, incomplete understanding, many of these so-called philosophers and religious practitioners claim that Einstein's theory of general relativity and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle are the missing links between the scientific and spiritual world. To quote the words of Prof. Dick Feynman, "as always ... when philosophical ideas associated with sciences are dragged into another field, they are usually completely distorted." Indeed, this film distorts what is quantum physics and the filmmakers feel no qualms about it.

I bought two Roku Ultra's. Soon as I usually try to play a high bitrate movie it will pause at %33 for about 15 seconds then crash, then reboot. No user intervention. And I have two brand new Ultra's that do the same exact thing. It mostly happens when trying to play high bitrate content, which I posted more technical information about in another thread. What's this %33 crash and run about? Am I able to get the dump logs and send them over to Roku? Not sure I'll still own my new, the return window is closing and I may return them if I can't watch movies with it. If I try to watch a small 1080p episode of **bleep**'s Kitchen, sure it plays fine. Soon as I start getting up towards 4k HDR / Dolby Vision, that's where are the trouble starts. I will add a small video here to show you exactly what I see.

Do you remember how massive the original PlayStation 3 looked, and how tiny the PlayStation 4 was by comparison? The Sky Q boxes are similarly eeny-weeny, to the point where it's almost shocking to see them side-by-side with the older model. The hardware measures just 330 x 210 x 43mm, down from the 364 x 255 x 73mm of the Sky+HD. In order not to break the sleek, elegant lines of the front, the viewing card slot is now hidden on the right-hand side. Up front, you'll find a WPS button, the Q logo (which, when pressed, will cause your remote to bleep to make itself known) and an IR sensor. Round back, you'll find the usual coterie of ports, including power, HDMI (x2), USB (x2), Ethernet, two dish connectors and an optical audio-out.

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