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Have you been eyeing a particular collection? Are you undecided on a particular print? Buy a swatch to get a good sense if the print will work in your home. Orders less than $10 get free shipping - you can buy up to 3 swatches. Please Note: Our swatches are offered at highly discounted prices. All sales are final - no returns or exchanges.

buy swatch


The grand out-houses of Switzerland. You must be insane to buy anything with that junk inside (VC56, Tudor, Breitling, IWC, Norqain, Bell & Ross, Tag Horror and other clowns). Moonswatch is a safer bet.

I agree with the previous post. This debacle and then refusal to sell online not only turned me off to the Moon watch but swatch in general. I gave away the 3 swatches in my watch case and will never purchase a swatch again. IF they were available online, I MIGHT change my mind and add one, but at the end of the day this is an affordable made watch (the original intent) NOT a grail watch. They failed. Get your customers to want your product, then supply the product. Otherwise at best you lose sales. Worst you lose customers!

I would like to see more common sense from Swatch next time. In the whole of Australia, the Moonswatch is only available through the Swatch boutique in Melbourne and only recently Sydney whereas in Malaysia, the Moonswatch is available from two Swatch boutiques literally on the same street.

I would like them to release the moonswatch with system 51 and a better bracelet. I think a system 51 at double the price would be outstanding. I suspect though that buying would he impossible if such a watch was to see the light.

Popped into the small Swatch store at CDG (2D) last week, casually asked if they had the Mission Mars, and there I was with a Moonswatch I wanted since day one ? I really like it but really dislike the strap with all these logos.

I was gonna buy one when i was on vacation in the Philippines last August but changed my mind coz after seeing them and actually tried one on , i was a little disappointed. Not sure why but i was expecting them to be bigger and bolder. Maybe i was expecting them to be bigger coz its G Shock for crying out loud which the quality is already guaranteed to be excellent coz its a swatch. Is there a chance to make them custom size wise? Let me know and sign me up ! Preferably Earth and Moon design. Thanx

Good for swatch. But not as good for us active pioneer members who have been loyal to swatch. If Nick wants people in the swatch store he should have made an exclusive online availability for us loyal members in where we can order online quoting our active membership number BUT WE PICK IT UP FROM THE SHOP. In these manner we are both satisfied. We get the mission moonswatch we desire instead of lining up for almost 5 hours and when we get to the front the swatch we want is already sold out and he gets people in the shop.

I had forgotten about this model but a few days ago I was on holiday in Madrid and happened to walk by a swatch store. It was empty. Asked for the Moonswatch and they had the Mars model that I liked (among others) so I bought it. I thought it was going to be more difficult TBH.

The Akerworks Knitting and Crocheting Swatch Gauge offers a slip-resistant 4-inch cross measurement, for confident gauge counting. Each end of the cross has a set of little teeth that gently but firmly hold the swatch in place and prevent it from shifting around while you count. The acrylic material is transparent enough for you to see stitches through the gauge for greater confidence and accuracy. One side of each arm is marked in whole inch increments, with 1/4" marks between; the opposite side is marked in whole centimeter increments. Each gauge comes packaged in a clear pillow box for a nice presentation. The packaging can be reused to store your Swatch Gauge or other knitting and crocheting tools. These make a great gift friends or family members!

Start Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Today! Order a swatch (or two) to see and feel the fabric of your dresses. Remember it doesn't have to be a perfect match but something complimentary to your wedding design.

PVOH is used in EC30 to create the solid swatch form, and is generally not considered to be a microplastic since it completely dissolves and is biologically degradable. Polyvinyl alcohols are commonly used and are present in many areas of everyday life, including paper finishing, textile manufacture, and as stabilizers approved for use in food.

EC30 laundry detergent is designed to be compatible with machine washers; however, clothes should get clean and fresh even when hand washing. We do not recommend cutting the laundry swatch. First dissolve the swatch in the water, stirring well to make sure it is fully dissolved before adding clothes. Leave the clothes to soak for some time to allow the cleaning agents to do their work. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear.

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The "swatch" brand of watch was launched in 1983, by the ETA SA CEO Ernst Thomke and his engineers. The quartz watch was redesigned for manufacturing efficiency and fewer parts, and the styling and design were updated.

Request a swatch before your make your purchase, especially for your sheets. There are so many thread counts out there, and so many choices of weave - percale, cotton satin, linen - that we strongly encourage you to touch as many swatches as you can before deciding which is your absolute favourite. Swatches won't always be available in every collection, but we try to offer them in most of them.

Got a new styling idea? Stick to it with stylish vinyl wrap film! Our all-in-one swatches come with samples of every stunning TeckWrap colors from different years. Whether it is for auto detailing or other customization purposes, you will find what you need to create a hot and catchy look. Explore and expand your imagination to discover what these finishes can do for you. Purchase now and bring your design to life with fabulous and unique wrap colors! 041b061a72

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