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Extreme Sample Converter 3.5.9 Free Download

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Extreme Sample Converter 3.5.9 Free Download

An audio viewer, player, editor, and converter of various sample formats. Perform patch to patch conversion for stations, including Yamaha TYROS 2, Renoise, Dash Signature, VSTi Sampli, Hardware Sampling, SoundFont, GigaSampler, GigaStudio, Solto. Convert between Akai MPC Sample, Flac, Wave, Aiff, Ogg Vorbis, Creamware Pulsar Sample and Creamware tripleDAT.

Note that it is illegal for you to use this software for commercial purposes, including but not limited to, defining, creating, uploading, or selling commercial products necessitated by the use of this software. Under no circumstances may SmartShank or any affiliate, agent, or representative of SmartShank claim that any work performed by SmartShank is, or will be, covered by intellectual property rights owned or licensed by SmartShank or any of its affiliate or representative companies.

If you are downloading this because you want to use it to sell commercial products, you are hereby notified that the download is not legal, that it should not be used for commercial purposes, and that SmartShank and any of its affiliate or representative companies hereby reserve the right to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

Audio Converter supports, convert wav, mp3, ogg, mp4, m4a, au, midi, aiff, wma, raw, m4r, flac, ra, m4b to m4r, m4b, wav, ogg, au, flac, midi, m4r, m4b to wav, wav to aiff, ogg to wav, m4a to mp3, aiff, midi to mp3, mp3 to midi, ogg, ra to ogg, m4r to ogg and many more

6. Besides, you can have your own Format library like XM, FLAC, OGG and so on for you to convert your own own format files to wave, ogg, mp3, mp4, wav, ogg, au, midi, m4r, m4b and so on. And get all available formats. d2c66b5586

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