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Download Komik Dragon Ball Bahasa Melayu: Tips dan Trik untuk Mendapatkan Koleksi Lengkap dan Berkualitas

frieza then learns that the namekian dragon balls are inside a ship by the ocean and wants to get to them first, so he tells zarbon and jeice to leave. with vegeta in a state of exhaustion, frieza sends zarbon to search for the ship (with a superhuman power to find the ship with his blazing eyes), while he protects vegeta in the gigantic ship's catacombs. vegeta barely manages to pull himself together and comes to zarbon's aid. when they arrive at the ship, the namekians are all in hibernation as to conserve their energy for the coming conflicts, so frieza laughs at vegeta's power by stating that vegeta did not even bother to awake them. zarbon explains that they were still afraid that frieza will show up, so they went into hibernation until it seems that he is satisfied. when zarbon explains how the seven dragon balls are stored, frieza quickly looks through them for the one he is looking for. zarbon quickly opens one of the dial saucer's doors and controls the ship, to which frieza questions zarbon about that, before suddenly activating the ship's controls. zarbon then tells the prince of all saiyans that the other saiyans will regret this moment later, and calls for jeice to awaken him and vegeta. goku, gohan, krillin, piccolo and vegeta are still unaware of frieza's presence. jeice notices them and tells frieza to come out or he'll awaken the ship. frieza is impressed with jeice's strength and wants to see his power, but it was too late as the namekians begin to awaken and zarbon becomes trapped inside the ship as the items he was using from the ship's room collapse and he was ripped in half in the process.

download komik dragon ball bahasa melayu


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