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The Rectaflex 35mm SLR is the brainchild of the Roman lawyer and industrialist Telemaco Corsi. After having had a prototype built, based on his ideas, he established the Rectaflex enterprise in Rome. A wooden prototype was shown in 1947, and again 1948 somewhat improved. The venture was rather loosely organised and after some troubled years, the company went out of business in 1955.

Flex Type 2k Serial Keygen

The first prototype of the Rectaflex was a wooden mock-up, with a mirror eye-level finder, giving a left to right inverted image. For vertical pictures, the image was upside down which was a major drawback. The pre-series model was called Rectaflex Standard 947, and it had the pentaprism as well as a focal plane shutter from 1s to 1/1000, synchronised at 1/25.

The first production model was the Rectaflex series 1000 (serial number 1000 to 1999), quite similar to the preseries model. The Rectaflex series 2000 (s/n 2000 to 2999) has the split-image device added to the focusing screen. Note that Rectaflex series 1000 and Rectaflex series 2000 were not official designations, but is a way to recognize the variants by way of their serial number.

After the Rectaflex 25000 the original Rectaflex company went down, and a new Rectaflex company was formed, partly controlled by the Prince of Liechtenstein. Telemaco Corsi did not play any role in it. They launched a Rectaflex 40000, often called Rectaflex Liechtenstein. It had a reshaped pentaprism cover, with the Liechtenstein blason, and other minor changes. The number produced is unknown and it seemed to be plagued by design faults. Some prototypes are known with internal diaphragm preselection.

The Recta was a prototype rangefinder camera based on the Rectaflex. It had a focal plane shutter from 1s to 1/1000 and a 39mm Leica mount. Six were produced, with serial number 1001 to 1006. The known standard lens was the Isco Westar 50/3.5.

Originally, body serial numbers were generally consecutive within a model's production, although sometimes the numbers jumped, or increased digits, at some significant point. The first exception is the first model, the Pigeonflex! Following the first few examples in my database, the body serial numbers dropped some 40,000. The Yashicaflex AS-II is another exception with a short series in the 30xxx range, then from 81xxx to 83xxx followed by a new series from 19xxx to 23xxx. The MolfoReflex has three unrelated serial number ranges. Serial numbers were not consecutive model to model, usually. Two possible exceptions are from Yashima Flex to Yashica Flex B (there may have been a minor jump by about 2,000 or so) and from Yashica Mat-124 to Yashica Mat-124G where the numbers appear to continue on. However, in the latter case, production switched from one model to the other and the appearance of continuity is given by the numbers based on a date code (see below).

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