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PATCHED ITunes Windows 64-bit [Best Version To]

itunes 12 has a bunch of issues. a lot of the issues are really basic, i don't think the first page of the store works at all. i could set a song as the currently played song and it would still say i was playing with the last song in the list. i could set all songs as not currently played, in fact if i did anything other than the first page, itunes would crash. i have the same issue if i try to set any of the the music apps on windows 10, they all crash and the system becomes non functional. interestingly, the phone is fine on 12. i don't need to update the system to do anything on the phone. luckily, the update does make the phone slow at first, so i am able to update the phone itself and have the phone working as it was before. this means that 12 will not work on my laptop either. if it hasn't already, my advice is to remove the update to avoid those issues.

PATCHED ITunes Windows 64-bit [Best Version To]


whilst the error for the mac is not quite as glaring, itunes is still a pretty bad update. it doesn't work well with nvda at all and not much works on windows 10. to get it working it seems you need to run it in software mode. there are still compatibility issues with itunes but i can access everything i need, including the store. updating software to run on a new os can be a nightmare and will often break the whole program. i have had to reinstall the update just to see a fixed. itunes 12.1, by comparison, seem to work fine, although there's no way to tell that for sure, since it won't work for me in software mode.

itunes 12 just crashes in windows 10 on the desktop and the phone, the latter not so much in the earlier builds. my android and ios device are fine with itunes 12. a bit buggy, but fine. i imagine this is because apple doesn't have as many hands on windows as they do on the mac, but it's still a missed opportunity.

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