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How Much Can You Buy A Star For

How Much Can You Buy A Star For ===

Consider the type of star you want. You need to know that stars come in different types, and you can either decide to go for a standard star, a binary star or one within a constellation, like Ursa Major

Well, guess what? Naming/buying your star suggests preparing proper documentation. The company that sells you the star must provide you with a license that shows you have purchased the star, and that it is registered under your name.

This is the most common approach to buying/naming a star. Here, you will need to visit a recognized website, which will then help you name the star after yourself or someone else. In general, simply naming a standard star will cost roughly $50. When you log in to the website dedicated to selling stars, they will show you the exact position of the star in the sky. Most websites use Google Sky to help you locate the star.

Seeing is always believing. Although your star might be visible in the sky, many companies offer an extra gift to accompany it. You can get a physical gift that has an engraving of the star name on it. If you want to name the star and also have a physical gift, you should expect to pay anywhere above $100. For instance, you might choose to buy a physical star chart representation, a star map, a framed certificate, and other physical gifts.

Our prices range from $19.95 to over $100. Our star registry provides a unique service; all our packages include your star name and special message of dedication that are launched into space on a real mission. What could be more exciting when looking at the cost to buy a star!?

Looking for the perfect last-minute gift? The Instant Gift Set features all the essentials, including downloadable star registration and launch certificates, and a place on board real Name A Star Live spaceflights.

Say "I love you" with the Ultimate Romantic Gift Set. You'll have everything you need to enjoy a night under the stars with your sweetheart when it's delivered gift wrapped to your door by an adorable Star Bear.

Your star name and message will be recorded in the Name A Star Live register and will be launched into space in an archive on board a Name A Star Live mission. Astronomers refer to stars by catalog numbers and astronomical coordinates, and no star-naming service changes such designations

For a limited time, is offering FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping of all products to addresses in the continental United States (US). To get started, just add any Keepsake Gift, Tool to View Your Star, Accessory or an item from our Launch Collection to your cart. The discount will be applied later in the checkout process when you are asked to provide billing and shipping details.

Our customer care representatives are always happy to help. Contact us for more information, if you have questions, comments and/or suggestions to us. Please provide as much contact information as possible.

Name a star in constellation Cassiopeia, home of the Heart Nebula (pictured) and receive a FREE, soft and cuddly heart shape pillow for your sweetheart. Available only for Keepsake Gifts valued at $50 or more.

Some commercial companies purport to allow you to name a star. Usually, for a few tens of dollars, they'll send you a fancy looking certificate and a chart from a star atlas showing the precise position of "your" star.

The only problem is that the star name that you purchased amounts to nothing more than a novelty; for your moniker is not officially recognized by any reputable astronomical or scientific institution.

Now admittedly, the name probably does exist in the ledger of the company that sent you that nice certificate, but if you named a star for, say, your Aunt Clara, don't bother visiting your local observatory and ask to have them show it to you; so far as they're concerned "Aunt Clara's Star" doesn't exist.

For many years, I served as the question-and-answer man at New York's Hayden Planetarium and over a roughly 20-year time span I probably answered liter

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