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BRAVE Live 2013

You know, one of the strangest, and, indeed, most unfair criticisms of Steve Hogarth as a successor to Fish as lead vocalist is that he somehow lacks the theatricality and showman style of the giant Scot, that somehow he is not quite "prog" (however you define that!). Well, this DVD, recorded live at the Netherlands Marillion Weekend in 2013, should put all such comments and points into the dustbin of oblivion.This performance drips with emotion. It is a theatrical performance that simply oozes feeling and tells the tragic story of the young lady who threw herself from Bristol Suspension Bridge (based upon an actual incident that H had heard on the radio one day), so much so that, really, by the end, you are exhausted.From the opening strains of Bridge, to the incredible noise created by Living With The Big Lie, Hogarth ripping the heart from flowers in Runaway, the descent into drug induced horror that has him made up with pigtails and lipstick, to the crushing emotion of Hard As Love, the empty social agency "help" of Hollow Men, the swanking of Paper Lies, right to the shockingly emotional Brave and The Great Escape, with candelabras duly lit and extinguished in honour of the dead girl, this really has it all.At the close, Hogarth States to the audience that all that preceded was a little bit "bleak", and explains the uplifting tale that is Made Again, which features at its heart representatives of over 200 countries, with their flags, singing along live on stage.But, unlike the days of yore, this is not only about the, as good as he is, because this band have matured into probably the best live act playing progressive rock in the world. I mean that, they are that good. Trewavas and Moseley form an incredible rhythm section, with drums and bass quite simply thundering all the way threw. Mark Kelly's keyboard work is never anything less than incredible, and, of course, we have, in Steven Rothery, a man who not only makes a guitar sing, but makes you cry with joy when you hear the thing.The performance of Brave is, indeed, the definitive one, as it says on the DVD cover, and, as such, is utterly essential, and a five star masterpiece.That, though, is not all. We also get a second disc, with a trip through the band's vast repertoire. It is great to see tracks such as Rich and The Damage get an outing. The former I have only seen live once, on the album tour. The old favourites from the Fish era are Warm Wet Circles and Slainte Mhath, both of which H has really made his own. Elsewhere, we have the staggering Out of this World (the extras also have a film of this), Seasons End, The Space, and the usual crowd pleasers such as Hooks in You and Cover My Eyes. All of these are played with sheer gusto, and you wonder just how this lot manage to do this length of gig three times over the live weekends.The second disc is merely excellent, or four stars in PA parlance. So, how to rate it overall? Well, I must say that if you are a fan, this is a must buy, it is indispensable, simple as. If you want to explore the band, or want to go back after an absence, look no further than this. It is wondrous.Marillion on this show just why they are still in the Premier League of prog rock after more than 30 years of existence now. It is because they can play. It is because they make meaningful music. It is because they have a bond with their fans like no other act.Four stars here, but, in reality, four and a half if we had such a rating. It comes extremely highly recommended. social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Friday, December 20, 2013 Review this album Report (Review #1093175)

BRAVE Live 2013

Brave Enough: Live at the Variety Playhouse is singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles' second official concert recording released on CD and DVD.[3] The recording was made at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, Georgia on May 20, 2013, at one of the stops of Bareilles' Brave Enough tour. On this tour, Bareilles performed solo, facing "what had up until that point been a pretty large fear", but ending up feeling that it was "one of [her] favorite experiences of [her] whole life".[4]

Brian May and Kerry Ellis are on tour in the UK in February, followed by dates in Russia, Latvia and Belarus in March. The Candlelight Concerts - Live At Montreux 2013 proves beyond a doubt this pairing of talents is a match made in musical heaven.

Recorded on the 9 March 2013 at the Marillion Weekend in Centre Parcs, The Netherlands. This CD features the whole of the Brave album performed in full plus all of the encores set. Audio taken from the Brave Live 2013 Bluray & DVD sets. releases.

Everybody's been thereEverybody's been stared down by the enemyFallen for the fear and done some disappearingBow down to the mightyDon't run, stop holding your tongueMaybe there's a way out of the cage where you liveMaybe one of these days you can let the light inShow me how big your bravery is

Michael's good friend and President of the FIA, Jean Todt, said in 2020 that the sporting star is still alive because of the work of dedicated doctors and Corinna's iron will for him to survive.

Speaking about her decision to never publicly disclose the details of his injuries, Corinna said in the Netflix documentary: "We're trying to carry on as a family the way Michael liked it and still does, and we are getting on with our lives."

the reason for growth is these towns is that people dont want to live in high crime cities, with sub par schools, and they have a work ethic....its not skin color...they just want the american dream...

The 5th clause of the voting rights act should not only be retained, it should be extended everywhere. It's a disgrace when the chairman of a state Republican Party [PA] can stand up in front of the audience at their state convention and brag about "voting rights, done". It's a disgrace when he continues on to describe how that legislation will make a difference in the upcoming general election and deliver the state to Mitt Romney. What was done in PA and other states should be put to an end.

all of this bogus bs needs to be gotten rid of. if the feds think there is discrimnation then they should have to prove it in a court of law. otherwise this is all just the federal governments jack booted foot on the throats of states and the people that live there.

all of this bogus bs needs to be gotten rid of. if the feds think there is discrimnation then they should have to prove it in a court of law. otherwise this is all just the federal governments jack booted foot on the throats of states and the people that live there.--------------Reality Check: The Voter ID laws were challenged in a court of law, and they were defeated.

It's sad, but despite all the attempts over the past couple years by the GOP/Teatrolls to use restrictive, inequitable voter ID laws, redistricting, attacks on the electoral college, paranoid delusional demagoguery about the myth of "pervasive voter fraud," voter registration purges and gross inconveniences like massive delays to suppress and dilute minority votes...despite the fact that these efforts started to appear OUTSIDE of states subject to Section 5, representing an effort to exapnd such efforts beyond the states that traditionally and historically discriminated in these way....THIS is what Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Kennedy and Thomas are going to say: "this is a brave new world we live in...a wonderous post-racial Amurika in which parity has been achieved and a black man became POTUS and minorities hold office in unprecedented numbers." Guaranteed.

Item description: letter, 26 November 1863, from Robert E. Lee to R.H. Graves in which he regretfully acknowledges the loss of Captain H. A. Gordan at Gettysburg and the impossibility of recovering his body. He concludes that the battlefield is a fitting resting place for those brave soldiers who have given their lives for their country.

Having lost every pig he has ever known, in a strange setting and unsure of his own fate, this lonely and scared little boy is now waiting anxiously to find out what tomorrow will bring. Little does he know that the kind folks at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary and Indraloka Animal Sanctuary are working together to make his dreams come true. The three organizations, which specialize in rescuing animals from cruelty, are working together to get the brave pig needed veterinary care. From there, with a clean bill of health, the pig will be transported to Indraloka Animal Sanctuary where he will live out his days lolling in green pastures and enjoying the company of hundreds of doting school children who visit the sanctuary each year to learn about caring for themselves and the environment while helping animals in need.

The mission of Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary is to provide care and treatment to sick, injured or orphaned wild animals. Rehabilitate them back to their wild state so they can be returned to the wild. To actively educate the public to care for the ecosystems and support the environment in which they live and the wildlife they share it with. To protect and preserve our native lands for the future wildlife habitat

A crowd was gathered around the board and occasionally a brave soul would step forward, pick up a marker and start jotting down an answer. I watched with curiosity and with just a little bit of age-weary amusement.

THE VISIONARY novelist Aldous Huxley wrote a grim essay in the early 1950s that wondered just how mankind could survive if, instead of the 2.5 billion people living on the planet then, the earth had to support 4 billion. Well, on the night of Halloween 2011, according to the United Nations, the global population topped 7 billion, and the U.N. has just revised its projections for future growth dramatically upward: in 2050 it expects there will be 9.3 billion people on this planet. According to an analysis published by the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., "The population of the world's poorest countries will soon well surpass that of the wealthiest countries." But that fact by itself is not necessarily apocalyptic. Huxley's doomsday predictions were wrong about the prospects for vast catastrophes in the latter half of the 20th century. Technology brought enough food and medicine to keep the masses alive. But Huxley was exactly right about one thing: the quantity of human suffering is much more vast than ever before. In biblical times, Huxley noted, the exile of 10,000 people took on epic meaning. Today, according to the U.N. Refugee Agency, there are more than 42 million people in the world who've been forced from their homes. 041b061a72

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