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Aulton's Pharmaceutics 4th Edition Pdf Free 105: A Review of the Design and Manufacture of Medicines

The fourth edition of this key textbook provides a detailed and thorough exposition of the principles of thermodynamics, thermochemistry, thermo-kinetics, rate processes and stoichiometry, and the fundamentals of thermodynamics. It is a comprehensive and interesting treatment of theory simply as it applies to the practice of industrial, laboratory, and pharmaceutical research.

Aultons Pharmaceutics 4th Edition Pdf Free 105


How to read this book: The book is organized into fourparts, and each part is divided into eight chapters.The first part deals with thermal processes in chemical systems, in particular, the heat of formation of hydrates, melting,and vaporization. In the second part, equilibrium andsteady-state thermodynamic data about gases, liquids,and solids are presented. Part 3 describes thefundamentals of kinetic processes, with the focus onequilibrium andsteady-state kinetics. Part 4 also describes steady-state kinetics,with applications of the topics in different fields ofscience and industry. Part 5, the last part, concludes thebook by dealing with the issues of drug discovery,therapeutic product development, bioanalyticalmethods, and other topics. The text has been written toparticularize the applications of thermodynamics in differentfields of science and technology. It is a comprehensiveand interesting treatment of thermodynamics as itapplies to the practice of industry, laboratory,and pharmaceutical research. The fourth editionhas been tested with thousands of students and willbe supported by many lecturers. A two-year educationproject is being funded to support the text's disseminationand reach out to clinicians who can use it. Thisbook is a unique collaborative work of a team of biologists,biochemists, chemists, food scientists, mechanical engineers,biophysicists, pharmacologists, physicists, andcomputer scientists from the University of Kinshasa(DRC),the University of Essen (Germany), the University of Karachi (Pakistan),and other research institutions. The team included a well-qualifiedgroup of scientists from academia and industry in the DRC.The team was guided and supervised by prof. Yves LeClair (University of Kinshasa, DRC) for scientific, methodologic,and editorial issues.

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