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DDP Strength Builder


The Extreme 3.0 DVDs include workouts that take your DDPY experience to a whole new level! This pack is not for the faint of heart, including 14 of the toughest DDPY workouts available! It will not only make you stronger, but build your stamina and teach you how to maintain breath control in extreme conditions. These workouts have been strategically designed to maximize your flexibility and core strength building without impacting joints. Implementing our specialized Dynamic Resistance, DDPY Extreme delivers an amazing cardio workout as well, allowing you to Push beyond your comfort zone and take your training to the EXTREME!

Page is a big fan of DDPYoga®, and the DDP Yoga team is just as big a fan of Page. The team is devoted to making yoga available to all and has just released a new collection of Yoga for all type of yogis. The team went back to the roots of DDPYoga® and delivered a collection of simple yet effective Hatha and Ashtanga sequences. These sequences are designed to take you from the basics of yoga to advanced postures and sequences. The series of DVDs offers a step-by-step guide to yoga from a beginner to an advanced student. There are three DVDs in the set:

Some of the things that we encourage clients to do are not core strength exercises. So, we would never have them do a core exercise like a plank because we want them to keep the mobility of the core. We want to keep the mobility of the core because the stability of the core is really important, especially when you have people with injuries. So, we want to keep people with injuries mobile. So, core exercises are not going to be done.

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