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Nba 2k8 REPACK Download Full Version

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The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of NBA 2K8 received "favorable" reviews, while the PlayStation 2 version received "average" reviews, according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.[26][27][28] In Japan, Famitsu gave the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions a score of one five, one seven, one five, and one seven for a total of 24 out of 40.[9]

IGN's Hilary Goldstein said of the same console versions: "In many ways, NBA 2K8 is an improved game on the court. But there are a lot of minor issues that really drag it down. Over the course of my first dozen games, I was in love. But as the season wore on, the issues began piling up to a point that it became a source of frustration. The Lock-on D gaff is inexcusable and the lackluster defensive AI allows decent players to tear it up on offense. Jason Williams should not be dropping 30 points a game. Yet he won the MVP in year two of my franchise. Still, any hoops fan should give NBA 2K8 a look. It's certainly the best basketball game on any system this year. The Association is a solid franchise mode and, if [Virtual Concepts] can iron out its AI and gameplay issues, next year's model could be something very special."[20]'s Todd Zuniga commended the aesthetics, depth, game modes, and online features of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, but disliked certain gameplay imperfections that he deemed small and annoying, such as the unrealistic defensive abilities of big men when they are defending quick players.[29] Aaron Thomas of GameSpot praised the same console versions for having a large amount of content, the CPU, and the new additions to the game.[13] In his review for Game Revolution, Chris Andrien wrote of the same console versions: "At the end of the day, NBA 2K8 is a pretty fun jaunt." He spoke well of the sound effects, but hated the "goofy" commentary. He liked the addition of NBA legends such as Larry Bird, but disliked certain other gameplay additions, including the "unrealistic" lock-on defense. Lastly, Andrien praised the realistic visuals and animations, but criticized the "wonky" artificial intelligence.[11]

GameTrailers complimented the same console versions' dunk contest game mode, praised the "incredible online" play, called the post play "the best in the biz", said the shooting felt "just right", and enjoyed the animations. However, the review cited several "quirks", such as AI issues, players unrealistically missing shots or attempting shots that wouldn't realistically be used, statistical problems, removed features, and the lock-on defense mechanic, as downsides. Lastly, the review also heavily criticized the designs of the players and the menus, calling them "awful" and "butchered", as well as the "repetitive" commentary, but did enjoy the soundtrack and said the amount of animations "makes a huge difference".[16]

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Before downloading any game PS2, you need to check List name game PS2 Classics Emulator Compatibility:for PS3: Here or for PS4: Here(Several games will work perfectly, several will have minor issues, and others will have major issues or might not work. There is an ever growing list of PS2 Classics being tested and documented on the PSDevWiki)NBA 2K8 - ISO - PAL - (Es, En,Fr,De,It)EpisodesLink MegaLink MediafireLink Google1DownloadDownloadDownload2Download

Before downloading any game PS2, you need to check List name game PS2 Classics Emulator Compatibility:for PS3:Here or for PS4: Here(Several games will work

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