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Amazing Places To Visit In Egypt - Travel Video BEST

I love travel videos, they are inspiring, beautiful and always put me in a good mood. Travel videos have the effect of igniting the wanderlust inside all of us, inspiring us, and encouraging us to start doing something new with our lives. That is why I decided to write this article.

Amazing Places to visit in Egypt - Travel Video

I want to share with you, the 10 most inspiring travel videos that had the most impact on me when I was stuck in a cubicle, working in an office. These videos have inspired me throughout my travel life and I hope it will inspire you too to go out there and start exploring.

For me personally, a travel video has to have the ability to bring out a range of emotions from viewers, may it be happiness, wanderlust or curiosity, through unique storytelling structures, immersive visual and heart-pounding sound. A great travel video with a perfect balance of these attributes will be able to keep us viewers engaged throughout the entire length of the video and leave us wanting more.

This one is a no-brainer. The Watchtower of Turkey is one of the best travel video of all time. If there is an Oscar category for travel videos, this one will surely be nominated. Leonardo's careful attention to detail can be seen throughout the cinematic piece of editing mastery.

"In Japan" is a travel video that takes you to the land of the Rising Sun with fast cut, heart-pounding music, a fitted representation for the forever fast-moving Japanese cities. The video touches several sides of Japan that makes the country so popular among travelers.

Georgy Tarasov is the master of travel storytelling. "The Road Story Vietnam" is a travel video with a well thought-out story about a guy (his brother) traveling through Vietnam through one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

"Explain a city in 3 words" is such a cool concept for a travel video, I wish I had thought of it first. "3 Words For Paris" goes around the city of Paris, asking people, both the locals and tourists to explain Paris in 3 words, while the video fast-cut to the footage of the city that reflected those words.

The music by French 79 is well chosen and works perfectly well with the video, so much so that it almost felt like they made the music just for this video. If you want an example of a creative travel video, this is it.

The Curves of Iran is a great travel video for many reasons. For one, the video shows a misunderstood country in a much needed inspiring light that really captures how nice the Iranians are, and how rich and beautiful the Persian culture is.

The filmmaker was able to also show a glimpse of the hidden lives of the people in Iran with a video of people smiling, enjoying their times in parties, a nod to the world that Iranians are the same as everyone else regardless of politic differences. The visual, the editing and my god, that calming music are also the reasons why this is one of the best travel videos out there.

"Loving Lanka" is a travel video that experimented with the concept of time which is already difficult in itself but Sebastian was able to execute it so well that the video deserves to be on the list.

Clearly, he put a lot of thought into the concept, stuck to it, and consistently connect the dot one by one until the end, and it shows. The video is an excellent example of a great use of time manipulation in travel videos that doesn't feel like it's overdone and forced.

This is one of the most creative and cutest travel videos of all time and the concept is so simple and elegantly executed that you would think someone would have come up with it before this but no. The travel video uses a simple Skype call between Andrew and his wife to dictate and progress the story of Andrew's adventure on the Galapagos Islands.

The exchange between the two was casual and funny throughout the film and that would have been enough to keep us engaged to the end but Andrew took it to another level by adding cute illustrations in between the footages of the wildlife, the locals and the scenery he encountered. It was a breath of fresh air to see this type of travel videos that will leave you a big smile on your face.

Brandon Li is one of my favorite filmmaker out of all. He takes travel videos to a professional level like no one does. In his famous Hong Kong Strong video, he was able to capture the lives of the people in Hong Kong in the most intimate way possible and then explored the city and its people in a deeper way that most other Hong Kong travel videos can't compete.

He takes it inside people's home, to look at the lives of the people from different walks of life. Followed them and created 3 different stories, and perfectly woven them together into one Hong Kong video. He created his own genre of travel filmmaking and that is the type of filmmaker I aspire to be.

This is a classic one, and I could say, the first video on Youtube that inspired me to become a traveler and shaped who I am today. The video follows Matt as he danced around the world while the locals joined in and danced with him.

Casey Neistat needs no introduction from me. He is a popular Youtube vlogger now with over 9 million subscribers but before his fame, he used to put up a few inspiration travel videos that inspired me to this day.

It was at that moment that I realize that I wanted to go to Egypt and South Africa and Zambia which I ended up doing a few years after. That is the kind of positive effect a travel video should have. A travel video should inspire people to do something awesome and that is what this video does to me.

The Sound of Berlin is a travel video that combines the real original sound of the city, from the locals interacting at markets to glasses of beers clinking, into a catchy tune while taking you through the city via a collection of authentic footage showcasing the usual/unusual lives of the people in Berlin.

From one great European city to another, this video called PARIS with a simple caption "Rediscover Paris with a fresh eye." really took me by surprise. I thought it would be another overly romantic travel video of Paris you usually see online but this video takes it to the next level.

Vincent does have an eye and ear for combining great visual and sound effects to create immersion in his travel videos. The way he transitioned between footages and how it synchronized up with the cinematic music and sound effect is his signature I can recognize anywhere. I knew right away when I first watched "IN ICELAND + COPENHAGEN" that this is his work.

The video is edited in a way that somehow makes us feel like they are the same place, which is what he probably aimed for as the video is a collaboration between him, IcelandAir, and VisitDenmark. Given the purpose of the video, he definitely succeeded as it instantly makes me feel like visiting Iceland and Denmark together after watching it.

Let's take this list in another direction and instead of travel videos with little to no narrative, the Flashes of the Altai follows 3 friends who decided to pack 3 bikes turned boats, went to Western Mongolia, and explore the Altai Mountain through a combination of narration and inspiring cinematic music.

With this travel video, we get to see what it is actually like to go out into the world with friends, be in their elements, and tackle mother nature head-on. You will get to see their overwhelming curiosity, discomforts, and calmness that often come with an expedition like this.

His ability to bring out the authenticity of traveling and delivering it to us in an entertaining way is what makes his work so relatable in my opinion. It makes us feel that we can all experience the world as it is and enjoy whatever comes our way as often shown in his travel videos. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us next!

Let's go to India again but this time, we are taking a trippier route to the country almost as if we are watching old Bollywood movies on VHS. Alban Endlos is a trippy video by David Aufdembrinke that takes us through the simple life and landscape of India through a trippy VHS-style visual and a catchy tune that is unlike any travel video you have ever watched before.

Another of my favorite travel filmmaker that brought us Hong Kong Strong travel video, Brandon Li is the master of travel storytelling and unique gimbal work that give us a professionally produced level of travel videos, unlike anything that came before.

With his newest video, he took it even further and gave us a 9-minutes travel video of Andalucia, a region in Southern Spain rich in cultures. From giving us a closer look at the intense art of Flamenco Dance to being a witness in the famous Andalucia Semana Santa event, it almost felt like we are experiencing all these wonderful events together with him in Southern Spain.

These guys literally built their own selfie rig mounted with a professional-grade camera that attaches to the back of a guy as he travels through Colombia giving us a unique travel perspective as if we are following the guy in the video throughout the country. The result is amazing as we can all see from the video.

I have always been quite fond of this type of photography/videography (back shots of a person experiencing the world) as it feels more about the world than the person in the camera but with this rig they have built, it almost feels like we are experiencing the world in a third-world perspective, just like in video games. It feels like playing GTA but without all the guns and violence when I watched this travel video. ?

Peru is my favorite country in South America and after watching this video, it brought back so many great memories that I had throughout my one month trip there. "Contrasts of Peru" showcases the unique lifestyle of the locals and all the beautiful faces of the people that makes Peru such an amazing place to visit.

As the video mentioned, Peru is so much more than just Machu Picchu and the video really did a great job of showing the other side that is often neglected in Peru travel videos. You may visit Peru because of Machu Picchu, but you will stay in Peru because of its wonderful people. 041b061a72

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