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Sync Audio and Video Files with Pluraleyes 3 Windows Serial 58

i hope this helps someone. i may have missed something. after all these years, i have still not figured out how to use windows 8.1 though. it was just a little frustrating to not know how to do it all without the ability to find help.

Pluraleyes 3 Windows Serial 58

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windows boot repair works in the same way as macos and is easy to use. you can start with it when you need to fix windows. you will need a windows system dvd or usb key and a windows system capable of booting from usb.

first you need a windows system capable of booting from usb. i ran windows 8.1 on my mac, so i used the mac os option to make an 8.1 bootable usb key using my usb 3.0 card. i had just bought a brand new usb 3.0 card, and had not used it yet. here is how i did it.

the startup disk should be removed now and you can now safely remove the usb key. you can now restart into the usb key to create the recovery partition, and then restart into the windows system to try windows boot repair.

ill likely be able to fix it, but ill have to get into bootcamp and fix the bootcamp partition. it looks like windows 8.1 should still boot, but the partitioning is wrecked and if it cant do a new bootcamp partition, its not going to work.

i do have windows 8.1 dvd in it, but it is going to be a problem if i cant get into the bootcamp partition, because it wont let me fix anything without going into it. i also have a windows 8 dvd in it, and it might work, but i have to go back into bootcamp to fix the bootcamp partition first, and then try to fix the linux partition. i have all the files backed up, so its not going to be a problem. but its going to take some time. ill let you know if i can fix it.

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