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[S2E8] Holes

A man is gunned down during a violent shootout in a residential neighborhood. Detectives sort through the clues left behind: 40 shell casings litter the street, a pistol has been left on the ground, and an abandoned car is riddled with bullet holes.

[S2E8] Holes


During an afternoon playdate, Mike and Kaylee tinker with a garden hose: Kaylee makes dots at regular intervals, through which Mike drills holes. While Mike teaches Kaylee to use the drill, Stacey comes to pick up her daughter. As they leave, Mike continues the project. After dark, Mike inserts iron nails through the holes of the hose.

When Downton Abbey first aired, Julian Fellowes (creator and producer) was annoyed at the media for pointing out anachronisms like TV aerials and the use of the word 'boyfriend'. (The word 'boyfriend appeared in print in 1889, long before the period setting of Downton). Fellowes said "they think to show how smart they are by picking holes in the program to promote their own poshness and to show that their knowledge is greater than your knowledge". In a later article coinciding with the start of the second season, Fellowes apologised and commented "I behaved rather badly by getting the hump."

Explore the world of ethical hacking with special guest Brad Ammerman, an industry expert. Nathan sits down with Brad to chat about what it's really like working as a penetration tester. From hacking into computer systems to breaking into physical locations, Brad and his team are hired to help find holes in clients' security, so they can resolve issues and stay safe. 041b061a72

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