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Download GTA 5 on PC for free and enjoy the best open world game from Epic Games Store

The Store has made the Premium Edition of GTA 5 available, meaning the players will have free access to the masterful and freakishly addictive GTA: Online. To this day, GTA: Online remains one of the most unique games and accords user an immensely good gaming experience.

All you have to do is have the Epic launcher and you can download GTA 5 for free from the store. This also comes with the Criminal Enterprise pack which includes $1 million in GTA Online cash and a whole bunch of vehicles, weapons and properties to use in that hugely popular mode to give you a head start and allow you to at least attempt to start catching up to veteran players.

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Grand Theft Auto V came out way back in 2013, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming one of the most popular games ever. When it came out, it wasn't weird to pay $60 for a copy and later shell out more for expansions and in-game content. Now, you can get a copy for free at the Epic Games store -- and it'll be yours to keep forever.

When attempting to download a free game, some Epic Games Store users are encountering an error message that says, "Your account is unable to download any more free games at this time." Epic has addressed the issue in a tweet and asks people to wait 24 hours before trying again to download the free game, which should fix the issue.

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To claim any Epic free games, all you need is a free Epic Games Store account to add the game to. Once you add the game to your cart and "purchase" it for zero dollars, it'll be in your library forever, ready to download at your leisure.

Grand Theft Auto V is only the latest in a long list of free games Epic has given out since the program started in December 2018, with previous giveaways included other acclaimed titles like What Remains of Edith Finch, The Witness, Batman: Arkham Collection, Celeste, and more. You can check out our updated list of all of Epic's past free games for a quick look at what's been free in the past.

"The fact that I'm even thinking about this at all in a video game that's as popular and as, well, mainstream as GTA V is a testament to its quality," he wrote. "Over a year later, GTA V remains one of the most consistently entertaining video games I've ever played. Even without the spectacular new visuals, first-person mode, the epic new rail gun, the new murder mystery missions for Michael, the new, even furrier animals, remote play support on PS4, a mountain of new songs on the radio (including my personal favourite, I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys on the pop station), and the return of vehicles like the classic Dodo seaplane, GTA V would be still be worth playing."

The store also just launched its annual Mega Sale to coincide with this week's freebie. The sale includes discounts on some of Epic's biggest games, like Control, Borderlands 3, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Epic has also brought back its coupon offer for the sale--if you buy a game or add-on that's $15 or more, you'll get a $10 Epic coupon, and every time you make a purchase during the sale, you'll get another coupon.

To play it you will need to go to the GTA 5 Mobile website or click on the links below to download the GTA 5 APK or GTA 5 IPA. As shown in the video, you may be asked to download another free tool to confirm the installation of GTA 5 Mobile.

After the Epic Games Store was taken offline for a long while yesterday as players swarmed to claim their free copy of GTA V, some players have found themselves unable to download or claim any free games.

The first way to fix any errors with downloading your free games is by simply waiting it out. As the official Epic Games Twitter account puts it, you should be able to fix it by waiting 24 hours and then trying again.

The initial announcement came from a now-deleted Epic Games Store tweet, which claimed that Rockstar's popular open-world crime game will be free to download on PC until May 21. The game's initial arrival led to the Epic Games Store crashing for several hours, but it seems to be holding steady as of May 15.

The Epic Games Store has been doling out free games every month since late 2018, with previous notable giveaways including The Witness, Overcooked, the Batman Arkham Collection and Rayman Legends. But GTA 5 is by far the biggest freebie the service has secured yet, and could be the perfect antidote to your lockdown boredom.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most popular games in the open world series from Rockstar. You can complete a fantastic, cinematic story that spans hours, and then you can jump online and create a character, buy a car and an apartment, and own your own nightclub while joining alien gangs in GTA Online. It's the next best thing to Grand Theft Auto 6, which unfortunately has yet to be announced. It's also free on the Epic Games Store, which is causing people to have meltdowns over downloading it.

It's also been causing plenty of problems for the Epic Games Store, because every single gamer on the face of the planet who doesn't already own Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC is flocking to download their free copy. Don't be surprised if the site is down when you go to grab yours, because this is a limited time offer. What's so great about the deal? Why are people crashing the store? We've got the lowdown on everything you need to know about Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to the Epic Games Store.

The Epic Games Store is still under heavy load as gamers all around the globe continue to descend upon it to download their copy of Grand Theft Auto 5, but if you're lucky enough to get in, the game is yours. The complete, full game has been made available totally free on the store for PC owners from now through May 21. Once you download it, you can keep it forever. There's no trial and you don't have to uninstall it when that time period is over, like with so many "free" periods in other games.

There's no trick. You simply get a free game. That's why people are crashing the store. It's a classic, excellent game for free that also lets you hang out with friends as part of its online component, GTA Online. The possibilities are endless there, as you can hop online and create an entirely new life for yourself aside from the main campaign mode. All you need to do to get the game is head over to the store landing page and download Grand Theft Auto 5. It will be added to your library.

On Thursday, Epic Games accidentally leaked what the big secret was, ahead of the time. A tweet announcing that Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) was the free download for the week was published ahead of schedule.

That's right, Epic Games has revealed that you can now download GTA V for free, as long as you download its game launcher on your Mac or PC - which is a fair price for the biggest (and arguably) the best game of all time.

The rumors were true, Epic Games Store's new free game is Grand Theft Auto V. This means that all users of the PC storefront will soon be able to download the game for free, which will be theirs to keep forever. The storefront hasn't made an official announcement revealing this, however, an official promoted tweet that went live early has been discovered confirming the rumor. That said, the game won't be available, for free, until tomorrow.

According to the Epic Games Store Twitter account, the game will be free to download until May 21. After this, it will return to its normal price point. However, if you download the game on the storefront before this, it's yours to keep forever, which is to say this a free download, not a free trial, or a free demo, or anything that expires.

Better yet, there are no strings attached. All you need is an Epic Games Store account to download the game, which costs nothing at all. That said, according to the storefront, the freebie won't be available for another 12 hours. So, if you don't see it for free yet, this is why.

As you may know, Epic Games Store gives away free games every week, but this has to be its biggest giveaway yet. You may think everyone on PC who wants the game already owns it, but this simply isn't true. Each month, despite its age, Grand Theft Auto V is among the best-selling games. In other words, the game still sells, which probably means Epic Games Store offered Rockstar Games a big bag of cash to disrupt these sales by making the game free on PC.

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Not long ago, we wrote about the rumors regarding the upcoming Epic Christmas event. We didn't have to wait for the official confirmation from Epic. The documentation site for developers has revealed the official holiday campaign plan. It confirms the upcoming Holiday sale, 15 free games, and the return of the Epic coupon!

The 2021 Christmas free games line-up included many popular titles, such as Shenmue 3, Loop Hero, Vampyr, Control, Prey, and the new The Tomb Raider trilogy! Should Epic Games maintain the quality of their giveaways, we're in for a real treat!

In order to snag a free copy of GTA5, you will need an Epic Games Store account. Once you sign up, you also need to enable two-factor authentication in order to claim free games, which is a rule that the company made on April 28th. Basically, if you want free games, you need to secure your account. In order to do so, head to your account, click on the Password & Security tab, and choose the 2FA option you prefer.

Epic Games prematurely tweeted from its official account that it will give away GTA 5 for free this week. The company has since deleted the tweet, but not before Comicbook spotted it. The GTA 5 free download link will go live at 11 AM ET or 8 AM PT on May 14th. It will be available for free until May 21st.

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