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Overlord III Episode 8 BEST

There's nothing all that brutal about what we're actually shown in the episode; in terms of graphic violence, this episode is pretty tame. One character was even done in with plenty of sorrow and fear but a minimum of suffering. The fate that awaits the one surviving adventurer at the end isn't pretty, but once again, it's insinuated rather than shown.

Overlord III Episode 8


However, that doesn't stop this from being an especially chilling episode. We all knew that Foresight had no hope of standing up to Ains, but I actually thought they might be able to talk their way out of the situation, especially given that Ains was holding back against them. Alas, their appeal to his adventuring side couldn't get past how pissed off he was at the invaders. So Foresight gets systematically taken apart, with the final blow being Shalltear chasing down the mage who fled at her companions' behest. The big gut-punch comes afterward, however, when Ains shows how he honors the dead by making use of all of the mage's remains, including her voice. By comparison, her twin younger siblings innocently waiting for a big sis who will never come back didn't carry as much impact. I find giving backgrounds to characters right before they're killed off to be a cheap ploy, which rarely works to engender sympathy for the tertiary character about to be slaughtered, but this was one of the most effective uses of that device that I've seen in a long time. Kudos to the gentle use of musical score in places throughout that scene, which may have been the key to making it work.

But the more immediate question I have is why Ains was dressed in a stripped-down playboy form, and especially why he was stylishly sporting what looked like a slave collar. Where did that come from? Otherwise this was another one of the series' strongest episodes to date.

To me, all your low points are the highlights of the episode, and Overlord series in general. We were invested in Foresight affairs in just 2 episodes, in a similar way to the first season II episodes with the reptile people, only to be utterly crushed by a power leagues ahead of their capabilities and comprehension. This show throws trope after trope and then subvert them in a delicious way ? 041b061a72

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