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Kira Cream In Teen

The episode begins at the Pickles' home, where Chas and Kira are planning Kimi's birthday party at a birthday place known as the Happy Castle. Didi has made a birthday cake, a Reptar-themed ice cream cake for Kimi's birthday. Taffy announces that she has to leave her babysitting job early because her band has a gig at a teenage castle club. Chas, Kira, and Didi leave for the Happy Castle and Stu was left to bring Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Kimi there; however, Stu accidentally brings the kids to Taffy's gig due to him not paying attention because of his newly invented P.U.S.S (Pickles Ultimate Satellite System). As Didi and Stu try to figure out where the other is using the P.U.S.S. the babies look for things at the club that would seem fit for Kimi's birthday (balloons and cake). Didi, Chas, and Kira come with Dil and the ice cream cake and while looking for the kids the children find and eat the melted remains of the Reptar ice cream cake; the adults later find them and enjoy the party. The episode ends as Taffy sings a birthday song to Kimi.

kira cream in teen


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