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Pool Nation PSN __EXCLUSIVE__

Play POOL NATION and become mesmerised by our balls, entranced by our decals & unashamedly attached to our cues, so join us please, & just have fun playing pool!! WARNING: contains addictive content!! Pool Nation, with WORKSHOP integration AVAILABLE NOW in our Crazy Mode the Box Of Tricks (Out Now)! But fear not, Pool Nation is not just about trick-shots, Pool Nation is a serious pool sim, the heart of the game is our world renowned Physics engine, the balls will behave as they would in the real world - Fancy a game with Aiming Assist turned off - you go ahead - Play Pool Nation Your way! With eleven addictive game modes, including the adrenaline pumping Endurance, extensive career modes and seven exciting online modes including the new Speed Pool! Not forgetting the Box of Tricks coming soon to Steam, giving you the ability to imagine, build and share your most outlandish trickshots with the world. Utilizing a variety of objects, including Ramps, Pikes, Loop the Loops and Speed up strips, the Box of Tricks is limited only by your imagination. With Pool Nation, gameplay is king! Online or offline, the ease of control gives you the ability to pull off shots you wouldn't dream of in the real world. The balls behave exactly as they should use the table surround to create the most unbelievable trickshots and view them back in super slow mo. The graphics are as shiny and pixel-perfect as the physics, with beautiful locations, stunning exterior landscapes, eye-catching interiors, the ability to change the time of day, and customize your games with a huge array of balls, cues and table decals creating your ideal pool playing environment. Every detail has been considered and polished, from the super-detailed table baize and deforming cushions, to the explosions of chalk dust from the cue tip.

Pool Nation PSN

Add to all that the sharp, HDR visuals and a really lovely soundtrack of chilled out ambient tracks and this is a great package. You also have lots of balls, table decals and cues to unlock for customisation purposes which adds an extra wrinkle to this fully featured pool game. But there is a fly in the ointment and it has pissed us off maybe a little more than it should.

The bonus matches have different rules to either 8 Ball or 9 Ball pool where, instead of having to beat the opponent in a standard match, you have to complete a task. This could be either using the fewest shots to clear a table or clearing the table in the quickest time. These bonus matches then allow you to unlock new cue sets, ball sets or table decals.

Still nonetheless, as of right now Pool Nation is quite simply the finest pool game available basically anywhere. With some stunningly gorgeous presentation ably supported by wide set of features and the sort of longevity that will keep players going for absolutely ages, Pool Nation is the easiest, no-brainer purchase a fan of the tabled sport could ever hope to make for their PS4 console.

The virtual reality pool game was previously only available on the HTC Vive, and even allowed players to play darts. The PS4 version of 'Pool Nation VR' will also add a new feature into the mix: multiplayer hangouts. These sessions will let up to eight players relax while shooting pool.

"Playing pool in VR feels just like breaking balls in real life," said Perilous Orbit CEO Richard Kidd. "You get to look around the table, line-up your shot with just the right angle as you would in your local pool hall."

I won all tiers today with the help of your explanation, it took me little over 3 hours, a lot of time sank into waiting for my PS4 Pro to show my save files to let me copy them, was super slow like 5 mins each time.Glad these stupid online trophies are out of the way now, thanks again

Actua Pool is a sports simulation video game developed by British companies Gremlin Interactive and Mirage Ltd as part of their highly successful Actua Sports series of sport simulators of the mid-to-late 1990s. Actua Pool, a pool game (pocket billiards), was originally released on the Microsoft Windows platform and the Sony PlayStation home console in 1999; these versions were also published under the name Pool Shark. The game was very well received, praised for its realistic physics engine and challenging AI opponents, although the game spawned a sequel which was not as successful. In 2007, Actua Pool was ported to the Nintendo DS handheld game console.

Actua Pool is a pool simulation game with dozens of game modes, including eight-ball, nine-ball, three-ball, ten-ball, killer rules, cutthroat rules, bank rules, speed pool, one-pocket, various foreign styles and traditional snooker rules. There are dozens of venues, unique individual opponents and even different-shaped and unique tables are also available to unlock.

In one player mode, called "Hustle Mode", the character must hustle their way through smoke filled bars, casinos, pool halls and nightclubs and aim to black ball up to 18 challengers of ever-increasing skill across a range of challenging tables. There is an interactive tutorial if the player wishes, and the player can learn hundreds of trick shots from the tutorial. Each individual NPC opponent has its own unique appearance, voice, mannerisms, playing style and difficulty, and winning tournaments unlocks new NPCs to play against and venues to play in. The last opponent is the Devil himself, who is played against in Hell on his very own pool table and gamble for the player character's soul.

The PC and PlayStation versions received mixed or average reviews according to the review aggregation website GameRankings.[2][3] The graphics of the game were generally considered impressive at the time of release, and the game physics engine was praised as very realistic, and the AI fairly advanced for a pool game.[19]

Developed using Unreal Engine 4, Pool Nation FX is the ultimate billiards simulator! Prepare yourself for pixel perfect physics, photo-realistic graphics and super-detailed visuals in this truly immersive representation of the sport. Practice, spectate and play live matches seamlessly online, compete in Leagues, share, challenge and create epic trick shots with our exclusive Trickshot Editor, enroll in the Pool Nation Cup, explore the unique rule set customization tool and re-discover this much-loved sport. Pool Nation FX flawlessly blends reality with the impossible, resulting in the finest example of digital pool you will ever play.

Prepare yourself for pixel perfect physics, photo-realistic graphics and super detailed visuals in this truly immersive representation of the sport. Pool Nation flawlessly blends reality with the impossible, resulting in the finest example of digital pool you will ever play.

If those were the only bugs, you could probably say that Pool Nation FX is a flawed title that provides a fair bit of gameplay. After all, the career mode requires you to play no less than six must-win qualifying matches to even get into the first round of each of the tournaments. However, you quickly realise that the game's AI is so ludicrously random that you pretty much have whatever chance it decides to give you of actually winning a match. You'll play a level 40 "prodigy" in a best-of-5 frames match and win after a couple of tries. Then you'll play a level 1 "trainee" in a best-of-7 frames match and get to one frame apiece as he botches a few shots to give you an opening. Then you get to watch has he suddenly goes into overdrive mode and clears the table off the break three frames in a row, making swerve shots, jump shots, pots off five cushions, and all manner of other shots that even flamboyant pool legend Earl "The Pearl" Strickland wouldn't even consider taking on.

Pool Nation FX is hugely disappointing. While the trickshot creator is impressive, allowing you to use apparatus and make trickshots that defy the laws of gravity, the game fails to get the basics right and is absolutely littered with bugs. After the generally high-quality action of Pool Nation on Xbox 360, we expected an enjoyable game with addictive game modes and beautiful visuals. The visuals are generally up there - there really are some stellar scenes and outstanding lighting effects to gaze upon - but when you can't exert any real degree of reliable control in a pool game because the cloth randomly turns to sand between shots and the cue ball rolls differently to the other balls on the table, there's a problem. When games from 15 years ago managed to master the basics of the sport better than your brand new game, there's a problem. Not only that, but when a game is free and yet isn't even worth your time to play it, there's a problem.

After the Dream, these ships boast by far the biggest children's facilities in the fleet: At 4,200 square feet, Children's World, and the separate 1,800-square-foot teen center and Circle "C" facilities for tweens, have more than triple the space for kids and teens available on Destiny-class ships. Children's World sits atop the spa (instead of sharing the same deck, as on the Destiny vessels) and holds an arts-and-crafts station, video wall, computer lab, PlayStation game units, and lots of fun toys for younger children, from play kitchens to push toys, mini-sliding boards, farm sets, and more. The enclosed adjacent deck has a dipping pool that's oddly industrial-looking when compared to the kids' pools on many NCL, Celebrity, Disney, and Royal Caribbean ships.

The ships' four swimming pools include the main pool, with its two huge hot tubs, a stage for live (and really loud) reggae and calypso music, and a giant movie screen for blaring videos and ship events. This space is where all the action (and noise) of pool games occurs, plus the occasional outbreak of line dancing. (Anyone for the Electric Slide?) Carnival's trademark twisty slide shoots into a pool one deck up. The aft pool, covered by a retractable glass dome, usually provides a more restful setting, although the pizzeria and burger grill are here (along with two more oversize hot tubs). The fourth pool is a really basic one for kiddies outside the playroom. A new feature on Carnival Splendor is the retractable dome over the midships pool, which is open or shut depending on the weather. 041b061a72

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