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Exclusive Newmp4

The exclusive 12C unveiled at Pebble Beach has been specified with the aim of inspiring existing and future owners of the first ever pure McLaren sports car. Bespoke treatment applied to this car includes stunning satin matte Volcano Orange paintwork, a gloss black roof, diamond cut finish wheels with gloss black inners, MP4-12C branded carbon sill panels, carbon steering wheel, front wheel arch louvres and carbon fibre engine cover vents, rear deck vent and wiper system cover.

Exclusive newmp4

Adding to the exclusivity of this already exclusive showroom is that McLaren is one of the lucky few to snag a showroom space in the prestigious One Hyde Park development which only has three sites for retailers.[Autogespot]

In the first edition of Inside Track for 2012, we get an exclusive insight into the unveiling of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes' new MP4-27 car, ahead of the start of the 2012 Formula One season next month in Australia.

The exclusive MP4-12C unveiled at Pebble Beach featured a stunning satin matte Volcano Orange paint scheme, a glossy black roof, diamond cut finish wheels with black highlights, MP4-12C branded carbon fiber door sills, a carbon fiber steering wheel, front wheel arch louvers inspired by the units on the MP4-12C GT3 race car, as well as an engine cover, vents, and wiper system cover all finished in more carbon fiber. 041b061a72

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